This is a collection of commentaries, feedback, citations, and guest posts. Some of it is directly from ifoceanswereink, while several links lead to others’ blogs and social media pages. Everything here has been shared with permission. All sources have been cited where applicable. Please note that although I often engage in Islam-related discussions with others and work on exegesis with them, I do not endorse all of their views.

On Prophethood and Morality

Fear of God

Transcript of Recording, Farewell Sermon
Warda Q.

Social Commentary: A Thread

Commentary: The Qur’an and the Woman’s Perspective

The Qur’an and the Woman’s Perspective II
Freedom from the Forbidden

An Overview of Methodology

Asma Barlas on Qur’anic Exegesis
Believing Women in Islam

Exegetical Notes

Ar-Rahman & Surah Fatiha

Feedback on Domestic Violence
Kainat Ali Khan













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in grace and song

My Search for Beauty

History of Islam

An encyclopedia of Islamic history

if oceans were ink

a rhapsody. tempests of asha.

We Been Here

Words from a Black, Latina/x Muslim woman; who's tired of our stories being silenced

A good tree

...its root set firm, its branches reaching into heaven...



Anonymous Arabist وين الناس

Mostly a look at the portrayal of Arabs in popular culture

Hit 'em with some facts (and opinions)

World issues, life issues, our issues.

Quranist Voices - Musings on Being Quranist

Quranists Talk on all Things Quranic

Freedom from the Forbidden

All things gender and Islam. No bigotry is allowed in this feminist territory.

A Sober Second Look

Having converted to Islam way back in the '80's, I've had time to think about it

Muslim Reformation

Looking for a Rational & Spiritual Outlook on Islam, Devoid of Superstition? You've come to the right place! Subscribe! #BetterMuslimProject

Forever young.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace in pieces."

the fatal feminist

Lethal poison for the System.

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