4:3 and Orphans

I've been meaning to write this post for quite a while, but it's a difficult one to write due to the sheer quantity of misunderstanding surrounding these verses. The verses in concern are 4:3, 4:127, other sections of Surah Nisa, and parts of Chapter 33 (Surah Al-Ahzab). It's hard to get an accurate understanding of... Continue Reading →


The Importance of Historical Data. Also, Current Events

Content warning. That's all. I am an exegete, not a historian. If you ask me about the history of slavery in Islam, I can't give you an answer regarding the actual history. I can give you a holistic interpretation of what the Qur'an says concerning it (free slaves, and marry slave women before attempting sexual... Continue Reading →


Al Rihla = A quest, a journey Ibn Al-Sabil = someone on a journey; lit. "son of the path" Binti Al-Sabil = a term I made up; a girl on a journey Salsabil = made up of two words: (1) to ask, to inquire about--sal; (2) path, way--sabil; (3) easy, sweet, flowing [as of water]--salsala...as... Continue Reading →

Addressing Some Common Misconceptions: Women

Originally, I planned to dedicate several blog posts to each of these topics. However, it is pointless to regurgitate information that can be found elsewhere--especially when there is unique, interesting exegesis I could be writing. The following issues have been discussed extensively on human rights- centric Islamic forums. So, instead of rewriting everything, I am... Continue Reading →

Scandals, and What They Convey About Us

Recently, the Muslim community has had some problems involving Nouman Ali Khan and Tariq Ramadan. (This is a major understatement.) NAK has been in questionable correspondence with certain women, and TR has flat-out been committing rape. I will refrain from discussing NAK excessively because he has seven children and an ex-wife and they do not... Continue Reading →

Anonymity, Jannah, and Random Musings

Niqab is most definitely not religious obligation, and actually contradicts the Qur'an on multiple counts. Regardless, I can see the appeal of the garment. There is a certain vision of empowerment in veiling oneself, masking oneself--myself--rendering myself anonymous, away from prying eyes. I can see the advantage of a niqab at the Delhi subway station, where I have... Continue Reading →


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